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If you’re feeling tired and stressed you’re in exactly the right place.

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If you’re anything like many of my clients who feel stressed and tired, your day probably looks a little like this:

You wake in the morning feeling exhausted. You hit your snooze button. A few times. You hope your morning coffee will wake you up because your day ahead is B-U-S-Y. During the day you skip or delay meals, or eat on the run. You rely on sugar to get you through.

You’re stressed.

Maybe there’s been a couple of big life changes or events that have happened. Maybe your work or home-life is very stressful at the moment. You might be impacted on by the stress others in your life are experiencing. Maybe you used to be able to handle stress but you’re just not coping in the same way.

Maybe you can’t pinpoint any major stressors but life just feels very busy and pressured. You have super-high expectations of yourself and there’s no time to slow down. Things irritate you more than usual.

You find yourself feeling worried, guilty or anxious a lot of the time. Life might be busy, but you’re bored. There’s no time for fun. There’s no time to look after yourself properly. Then, after feeling tired all day, you often seem to have more energy in the evenings. Or even though you feel tired, you’re wired, and can’t get to sleep. Maybe you just wish you had more energy.

When you’re feeling tired all the time, EVERYTHING feels so much harder.

Whether you’re in Adrenal Fatigue, burnt out or just feeling stressed and tired, and wondering how to get your energy back, I created this course for you.

HMAF module 1

Who am I and why did I create the Heal My Adrenal Fatigue e-course?

Kerry BelvisoMy name is Kerry Rowett, and I’m a Kinesiologist based in Adelaide, Australia. I work with clients around the world via Skype and you can find me at

I’ve been through burn out myself.

I know what it’s like to get stuck in the “busyness” trap of always being on the go. I spent years pushing myself beyond my limits, seemingly coping fine. Then in 2011, the year I went full-time in my business, I was so in love with what I was doing, I thought I could get away with working all the time, pushing past my limits, always focused on the future and what was next.

Until my body gave me a big wake up call.

I knew I was getting tired, but thought taking a holiday would restore my energy. And then I came back with next to no energy. I started getting sick all the time. My ability to “rally” seemed to be gone. I could see only around half the number of clients I was used to seeing. It took months for my energy to start to come back.

It was time for change.

I realised I had to make some big changes. Adrenal fatigue, or burn-out, isn’t addressed in weeks (sorry for the bad news). By all reports, it takes a minimum of 3 months and up to 2 years to fully recover – and that’s if you actually make real change, rather than just trying to “fix” your energy so you can get back to your crazy pace! If you do that, you’re likely to just re-create it again, down the track.

It’s SO essential to get to the root causes, and I’ll be by your side helping you explore some of the deeper patterns and beliefs that might be holding you back every week in this course.

Watch this webinar now where I talk you through what Adrenal Fatigue is and what you can do about it.

Free workbook: HMAF Pre-course webinar workbook

Stressed and tired? This course will help you to make lasting change.

sunriseHealing from Adrenal Fatigue, chronic stress or ongoing feelings of tiredness and low energy can be complex. There’s so much to consider! Diet, lifestyle and mindset all play a part – but where to begin? And how do you make sure you’re covering all your bases without doing a million new things and creating even more stress?

I created this course to give you access to a range of amazing experts in one place who can help teach you what you can do to truly heal and become more energised in a way that feels relaxed, conversational and achievable. Kind of like sitting down and talking things through with your wisest besties who want nothing but the best for you.

Honestly, I could have probably healed a lot quicker if I’d known exactly what was going on, and what I needed to do to heal, but I just learnt along the way. I want to make it easier for you. And if you’re tired and stressed but not yet in Adrenal Fatigue, I want to help you avoid it altogether.

This course is NOT about adding more to your to-do list or putting you under more pressure. It’s about acknowledging where you’re at, and starting to make the changes that will inevitably mean you begin to feel less stressed and more energised. It’s about taking a smart, strategic approach to your recovery and NOT just muddling through, hoping things will get better.

You definitely don’t need to have Adrenal Fatigue to take this course! You just need to want to feel more energised.

It’s about you feeling empowered to take control of your life again. Who doesn’t want that?

The course was absolutely incredible!

“Your course was absolutely incredible. It felt so good to be part of a group going through it together and to have an open forum to discuss when we wanted. I actually found the interviews so powerful. I have have retained quite a bit of the information and find myself identifying my ‘stressed / overdrive’ state then offsetting it with my new found HMAF tools.”

Kaitie Manani, Course participant 2013

Here’s why you’ll love what you’ll learn in this course:

HMAF interview with Julie

  • In this course you’ll hear from 12 different experts (plus me) who help their clients every day with issues related to energy, stress, boundaries, mindset and more – and you get them all in one place.
  • You’ll hear from amazing Naturopaths, a Chiropractor, Health Coaches, Life Coaches, Yoga teachers, Meditation teachers and healers. Each expert in his course shares their unique take on healing from the symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue or burn-out, and how to increase your energy based on years of professional experience.
  • Many of the guest experts for this course were involved in some way in my healing or education process. All are experts in their field. I invited each of them to be part of this course so they can be part of your support team too. They’re amazing!
  • The experts in this course will help you get clear on what you CAN do to heal, saving you time AND money and helping you feel empowered to create change.
  • I help you get clear on your patterns and blocks so you can make real, lasting change.

I loved the sense of authenticity and passion!

Heal My Adrenal Fatigue was so comprehensive. It addressed numerous underlying issues so that recovery could be deeper. I enjoyed the range of topics covered in the interviews, and I loved the sense of authenticity and passion about adrenal health on the part of each of the interviewee’s. I have incorporated the mind-set into all aspects of life with a sense of confidence.

Jenna Brown, course participant 2013

What do you get in this e-course?

HMAF 5 worksheet pages

  • 5 modules of immediately actionable content delivered to your inbox fortnightly
  • 5 professionally designed and super-helpful workbooks breaking down each module
  • 5 “one-on-one” pre-recorded videos with me where I help you get clear on your blocks so you can move forwards
  • 12 insightful video interviews (20-30 mins each) with experts in health and healing who will inspire and motivate you to change your life
  • This course is self-paced and you can start anytime. If you have questions, you can hit reply on the emails you’ll receive and ask me anytime
  • BONUS grounding meditation from Sara Brooke in Module 5
  • BONUS expert interviews from Louise Thompson (, author of “High Energy Happiness” and Adele McConnell (, author of “The Vegan Cookbook” to inspire you

HMAF Interview

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This course is a home-study. You will receive the modules fortnightly and can work through at your own pace.

I couldn’t believe all the information that was offered.

“I was a participant in your very first round of “Heal My Adrenal Fatigue” and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Having studied Kinesiology myself and worked with Kinesiologists a lot over the past 10 years I was really drawn to you and your course.

At the time I’d only just become aware of what was actually going on in my body and I’d not heard of Adrenal Fatigue prior to my holistic GP explaining to me that this was the root cause of my issues. So it was just perfect as I needed to find out more about adrenal fatigue and more importantly how to shift it!!

I loved the way this course was presented; the audio we’re fabulous way for me to quickly gain knowledge and information without having to wade through a heap of written material or google searches. I had two young boys at the time and spare time wasn’t on my hands. I couldn’t believe all of the information that was offered, including all the great techniques and tips to try and reduce stress and burn out.

Kerry you are also so present and available in this course which was fantastic as in the past I’d found the facilitator of online courses to not be always there working through the course along side us.

I loved the online community and all that everyone shared so openly and warmly, it was so beautiful to feel connected and not so isolated during a very tough time. ”

Liza Baker

sunrise arms outstretched

There was more in the course than I could’ve hoped for!

“There were so many things about the course I loved. I think most of all I enjoyed listening to the interviews. Not only did I gain a wealth of knowledge it was also very reassuring and empowering to know that I am not alone in how I feel. I loved how we could take the course at our own pace and it was encouraging hearing on the Facebook group where people were at as it made me feel ok that I wasn’t keeping up.

I learnt a lot about the adrenals and adrenal fatigue. I have not been diagnosed with adrenal fatigue but definitely feel the pressure of life, trying to be the best at everything I do, always going out of my way for other people, trying to be an amazing wife, daughter, sister, grand daughter, friend, employee etc. Learning about the adrenals and the functioning of the body made me realise that the stressed and tired feelings I experience are related to this. From the course I learnt that it is ok to slow down. It is ok to say enough is enough, I am still wonderful even if I don’t achieve everything. I also learnt some very practical things. There was more in the course than I could’ve hoped for!”

Melita Low, course participant 2013

What will you learn?

Module one: Laying the foundations

One-on-one video with Kerry

Kerry BelvisoSo often when we want to change, we get in our own way. Luckily, I’m a Kinesiologist, so I’ll help you deal with that right away 😉 We’ll be using EFT to de-clutter any beliefs you have about having no time, not being able to slow down (or not wanting to – despite the cost!) and even worrying that you won’t follow through and make real change. This is a gentle process and I’ll be giving you a BIG permission slip to take things at your own pace.

Your interviews

Ben Dorrat, Lesh Karan and Amanda Daley

Ben, Lesh and Amanda

  • Get clear on your stress triggers – Chiropractor Ben Dorrat ( unpacks the stress response, helps you identify the sources of stress in your life and explains a quick way to get out of the stress response. You will love his 5 second technique to help your body instantly relax.
  • Sources of energy – Holistic food coach Lesh Karan ( helps you start to identify ways to bring energy into your life -through diet, sleep, boundaries around your time, exercise, thought processes, screen time and technology habits and positive attitudes. Here you learn how to start creating order and space in your life in a calm, gentle way.
  • Re-fuelling with pleasure – Health coach Amanda Daley ( helps “driven women battle burnout when slowing down is not an option.” She describes the 3 elements of her Fuel Formula. De-stressing and clean eating are in there but you’ll LOVE the third – re-fuelling with joy and pleasure (remember them?)

Module two: Nourishing your body with food

One-on-one video with Kerry

Kerry BelvisoIn this module, I’ll help you start looking at some of your sabotaging behaviours. Being busy can be a sabotage in itself but there are plenty of ways that we can sabotage ourselves – drinking or eating too much, taking prescription or non-prescription drugs, numbing out with tv, on the computer or with our phones, or giving up as soon we start to notice positive changes. Our sabotages can become even more apparent as we start to make changes – it can be easy to go back to old, familiar ways. Sabotage? We’re onto you.

Your interviews

Gill Stannard, Cassie Mendoza-Jones and Amy Crawford

Gill, Cassie and Amy

  • The physiology of burn out – Melbourne-based Naturopath and Health Coach Gill Stannard ( takes you through the physiology of stress and adrenal burn out and the relationship between these, inflammation and auto-immune conditions. Gill is passionate about diet and lifestyle and will get you inspired to start making positive changes.
  • Nutrients and herbs – Sydney-based Naturopath Cassie Mendoza-Jones ( teaches you about herbs and nutrients that help support your adrenals and nervous system. She explains why drinking coffee when you’re tired is the WORST thing you can do (I know – this can be devastating news) but gives great suggestions for alternatives you’ll love.
  • A nourishing kitchen – Health coach and CTC practitioner Amy Crawford ( is passionate about food. Having healed herself from Chronic Fatigue with the healing power of food and now inspiring over 50k fans with her recipes on Instagram, Amy will empower you to get into the kitchen and nourish yourself.

Module three: Learning to relax

One-on-one video with Kerry

Kerry BelvisoI’ll help you start tapping into a sense of abundance this week. So often when we’re stressed or feeling burnt out, we feel stuck in lack. There’s never enough time or energy. Not enough fun. Maybe there’s not enough money, and that’s driving us. And there’s definitely never enough time to rest! When we’re driven from lack, we’ll never feel at peace.

Let’s sort that out now.

Your interviews

Rachel Hawes, Michelle McGrath and Susana Frioni

Rachel, Michelle and Susana

  • Connecting to your breath – Rachel Hawes ( is a yoga and pilates teacher, massage therapist and studio owner in the UK. She’ll teach you about the physiology of breathing and three beautiful breathing exercises you can use to relax anytime (I felt so relaxed after this interview!)
  • The power of aromatherapy – Michelle McGrath ( is a Lovepreneur and creator of Sacred Self’s organic self-love range of Alchemical oils. She explains how aromatherapy works to calm your nervous system, popular oils you can use to energise or relax and talks about the many ways you can use oils to support yourself.
  • The art of presence – Susana Frioni ( is a yoga teacher, coach and mentor. She takes you deep into the art of presence, getting connected to your body on a deeper level, learning how to tune and how to be rather than constantly do – not easy for most people!

Module four: Boundaries and authenticity

One-on-one video with Kerry

Kerry BelvisoTime to get honest with yourself. Your beliefs about who you are and what you do can keep you stuck in a driven state. For example, if you have a belief that you’re not good enough (SO common) then you’ll tend to push yourself beyond your limits in an effort to become good enough (for others – but often for yourself). Or if you believe that you always have to put everyone else first – it can be difficult to give up the approval that often comes with that and put yourself first. I’ll help you get clear on any beliefs that are holding you back.

Your interviews

Julie Parker and Jen Blackstock

Julie and Jen

  • Getting clear on your boundaries – Life and business coach Julie Parker ( talks about how she nourishes herself and sustains her energy whilst maintaining a busy schedule. You’ll be inspired hearing her talk about creating healthy boundaries, having the courage to say no to things that don’t serve you (or that you don’t have the capacity for) and the importance of self-love and compassion.
  • Honestly and authenticity – Jen Blackstock ( is based in the US and a Certified BioDynamic CranioSacral Therapist, Healer, Spiritual and Life Coach and Intuitive. She opens up and shares about her own journey with burn-out and the importance of being connected to what makes you happy, and being truly honest and authentic in your life.

Module five: Developing your vision

One-on-one video with Kerry

Kerry BelvisoBy module 5 you’re going to be feeling clearer and calmer, and hopefully more energised too. Now that you’re in a better space, I’ll help you get clear on your own, individual warning signs that you’re not coping, or that you’re heading for burn-out. That way, you can prevent it well before it becomes an issue in the future. We’ll also look at creating your own set of non-negotiables so you live and work in a more sustainable way long-term.

Your interview



  • Creating a vision board – Sara Brooke ( is a meditation teacher, reiki therapist & theta healing practitioner and teaches vision boarding workshops. She’ll help you get clear on what you really want in your life, and how to create a vision board that reflects your true desires. So many of us live in a masculine way, and Sara talks about what it means to live more in your feminine energy. You’ll feel inspired to get clear on your vision for your life moving forwards.

MaryaneWithout you I’d still be stuck.

“Kerry I can’t thank you enough for your guidance and insight, I know that without you I would still be stuck! When I first saw you in 2010, I was desperate for change but fearful of letting go of control. At that time, I didn’t realise I was adrenally fatigued but my adrenals came ups as an issue right away. I was extremely busy and stressed with low energy. I was torn in so many directions. Through our work, I started to be kinder to myself, accept more support from others, feel grounded and like I was moving forwards. Over time, I’ve learnt to recognise the signs I’m pushing myself too hard and slow down. I often feel like your blog posts are written just for me!

Maryane Clemente, Yoga Teacher,

5 reasons to join us

HMAF interview Michelle

  • Learn from 12+ inspiring experts (plus me!) all in ONE place
  • Feel empowered. Focus on all that you CAN do to feel less stressed more energised
  • Learn at your own pace. The 5 modules will be delivered fortnightly right from when you sign up, but you’ll be able to access the content indefinitely afterwards, so you can take things slowly if you wish, and re-visit information as you want to
  • Get out of your own way – deal with negative thoughts, sabotages and limiting beliefs in your one-on-one videos with me
  • Go deeper than just food and lifestyle changes – look at boundaries, self-love, honesty, authenticity, grounding and how to get clear on what you really want


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This course is a home-study and you can start any time you like.

MelI feel supported, nourished and inspired and my business has blossomed.

“I’ve been seeing Kerry for several years no. I remember when we first met, I was only six months into my practice, struggling to attract the right clients, and was completely burnt out by trying to do it all on my own! Through my sessions with Kerry, I got clearer on my boundaries and how to balance my energy as my business grew so I could continue to love it and work sustainably. I’ve felt so incredibly supported, nourished & inspired by your confident, creative & strategic approach, and my business has just blossomed. Kerry, your support has been an essential part of my development and I cannot thank you enough!”

Mel Horne, Kinesiologist,

lady sunrise

Answers to your questions

“What is Adrenal Fatigue?”

Adrenal Fatigue is syndrome with a wide range of signs and symptoms including tiredness and exhaustion, frequent colds, coughs or bronchitis, dizziness when standing, hypoglycaemia symptoms such as blurred vision, nausea and feeling faint, inability to handle stress and pressure, clouded, fuzzy thinking, salt and sugar cravings, low libido, weight gain, bloating, feelings of depression and/or anxiety, insomnia, muscle tension, neck aches, increasing allergies, increased symptoms of PMS, reliance on coffee and other stimulants, headaches and slow recovery from illness. Adrenal Fatigue, whether mild or more serious, is usually caused by some form of stress, which can be physical, emotional, chemical or come in some other form. Internal stress such as perfectionism, being hard on yourself or feeling like you need to live up to others’ expectations also contribute to your feelings of stress, or pressure.

“I’m tired, but I don’t know if I have Adrenal Fatigue. Will this course help?”

Yes! We talk about Adrenal Fatigue in the course, but we also talk more generally about stress and increasing your energy levels. In the one-on-one videos with me and each of the interviews, we focus on the many different elements you can look at to improve your ability to deal with stress and feel more energised. Many Naturopaths can do a saliva test of levels of cortisol (a hormone released by your adrenals) to determine if you have Adrenal Fatigue, however even if you do have Adrenal Fatigue, it isn’t necessary to be diagnosed (I wasn’t), as the changes you need to make are lifestyle related anyway. If you’re feeling tired and stressed, making positive changes to your diet, lifestyle and mindset are likely be be highly beneficial.

“I’m already so busy, won’t this just give me more to do?”

This course is broken down into achievable components. If you’re especially busy, you might just aim to listen to one of the interviews a week (20-30 mins) and make one change. The truth is, if you’re feeling exhausted, stressed and burnt out, it’s very likely you’ll need to make some changes. Yes it will take a little time, but isn’t feeling better worth that? Aren’t you worth that? All the experts in this course are realistic – you won’t be given a big long list of new things to squeeze in to your life. In fact, you’ll probably be surprised by how easy and effective making some key changes to your diet, lifestyle and mindset can be.

“I’m away for part of the course, or this is a really busy time for me. Will the information be available after the course finishes?”

Yes you will have ongoing access to the materials. You will gain access to new modules fortnightly and will then have access to the resources indefinitely. As the information is delivered electronically, it doesn’t matter if you’re away for part, or even all of the course. Whilst we interact in the Facebook group and you can email me with questions, there is no live component in this course. Participants tell me they prefer being able to access the content in their own time.

“I’ve had Adrenal Fatigue for a while and already work with experts, what will I gain from this course?”

Many of my clients experience symptoms of Adrenal Fatigue, and I definitely encourage them to do this course. Even though you may work with one or more experts, there is only so much that can be shared in a one-on-one session. During my healing process I worked with a Naturopath, Acupuncturist, Kinesiologist and Chiropractor regularly, and also had massages. I found that it took me a long time to gather all the pieces of the puzzle and that’s why I wanted to interview a wide range of experts and include all this information in one place. I also read lots of books (mostly after I was healed though!) and listened to hours of podcasts. Everything I did contributed to my healing, understanding and helped to build my resilience. If you’ve done lots of research and already feel that you’re doing everything you can, stick with that. If you’d like some extra help, join the course. Healing from Adrenal Fatigue takes time. I think the more thoroughly you address the underlying issues and consider the range of positive changes you can make, the better.

“I’ve never done an online course, how does this work?”

When you sign up, you’ll immediately be invited to register for this site so you can access the course content. The first module will become available upon sign up and we’ll email you to let you know when you can access it. You’ll login to the site with your individual details and will be able to access the videos, audios and workbooks for Module 1, they’ll all be on a private page for you. Then we’ll email you fortnightly as each new module becomes available.

“I don’t really want to change, I just want to feel better, will this help?”

Hehe, unfortunately, the changes don’t just happen by themselves. Sometimes clients tell me they want to continue pushing themselves, putting everyone else first, having too many things on the go at once, saying yes to everyone and everything, being the person who appears super-human (whatever the cost). It’s exciting, or validating, or both. Alas, if we really do want to feel better, this will sometimes means making big decisions. And it definitely means making changes (not just hoping we’ll magically get our energy back). Sometimes our busyness is hiding things we don’t really want to look at and that can make the idea of slowing down and making changes a little confronting. Be gentle with yourself. If you just try to fix the problem so you can go back to your busy, stressed out lifestyle, you’ll probably re-create the same issues down the track. It’s up to you. This course will support you to make achievable change, but you will still need to action those changes yourself.

“Is it true that Adrenal Fatigue isn’t recognised as a medical condition?”

Yes. If a doctor performs a test on your adrenals, they are still working (unlike in diseases such as Addison’s). Medically, your adrenals either work or they don’t. Of course, that doesn’t help if you’re still feeling completely exhausted and stressed out. Luckily, by making changes to your diet, lifestyle and mindset, you can start to improve the way you feel. If you’re worried about your health, you should of course consider seeing a Doctor who could help you rule out deficiencies or other issues.

“I have a question/my login isn’t working”

Email my assistant Amber at She’s lovely!

“What is your refund policy?”

I’ve poured a ton of love, time, energy and yes, money into this course to provide you with an abundance of valuable, actionable content. The course content is available indefinitely to you so you can’t get a refund if you don’t find the time to complete the course. You need the content more than ever if you’re not prioritising your self-care and healing! Refunds are also not provided for change of circumstances. Please plan and budget accordingly. It’s two-way – if you have watched all the videos, complete the worksheets and are still unsure how to make changes in your life go ahead and ask questions in the Facebook group (or email me!) and if you did all that and don’t feel you’ve gotten the help and support you need then of course I’d give you a refund.

“What are the video interviews like?”

Each of the interviews is relaxed but very informative. You’ll gain SO much knowledge and lots of insights, tools and ideas as you listen in, and the workbooks are designed to support your learning too. The videos with me are personal and focus on the underlying issues that may contribute to your adrenal fatigue symptoms. Listen in to an extract of my interview with Amanda Daley of as she explains the stress response. It’s a fab description. Sign up to hear all 12 interviews in full and learn how to manage your stress and increase your energy levels.

Laura DinstellI appreciate Kerry’s down-to-earth and pragmatic approach.

“About 8 months into running my new business I was completely exhausted, and not the kind of exhausted that goes away after a good night’s sleep (or three!) A friend suggested I may have adrenal fatigue and recommended I speak to a kinesiologist. While I’m working on healing my adrenal fatigue and may be for awhile, I’ve noticed a huge difference since working with Kerry. One of the reasons I’ll continue to work with Kerry is that besides being very knowledgeable and brilliant at her work, she’s also realistic about what’s going on in your life and makes suggestions based on what you can actually do to make improvements, rather than make suggestions that you’ll never have the time to implement. I appreciate her down-to-earth and pragmatic approach. I wholeheartedly recommend working with her in any capacity.”

Laura Dinstell, Web Designer,

One on one with Kerry

A little more about me

Kerry Belviso

Since 2009 I’ve worked with more than 500 clients over thousands of Kinesiology sessions. I help my clients clear blocks and sabotages, identify and clear patterns, and defuse stress from the past.

I can help you gain clarity on what you want in your life and align your energy so you can move forwards towards what you want with greater ease. I got into Kinesiology because it changed my life and quite a few of my clients have gone on to study it too! I adore my clients and love seeing them achieve their goals.

Before I was a Kinesiologist, I was a teacher. I taught in South Australia, Darwin, the UK (London and Leeds) and Melbourne. I also worked at the Education Department where I ran presentations for other teachers on using online learning technologies in the classroom. Yep! Love how it all circles back round, and I love using my teaching, intuitive and online skills all together to create courses like this one. I only create a course when I feel truly inspired to do so.

I now work with my gorgeous clients via Skype. You can read more about my work as a Kinesiologist over at Sign up to my newsletter, read the blog. If you’re looking to make big changes in your life, I’d love to support you.

Kerry Rowett x
kerry (at)

PS: If you’re tempted to sign up for the course – I’d love to have you!